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    East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (ECEC) is an international engineering company owned by China Central Government and a joint-stock enterprise which was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on July 12, 2007. It was founded in 1963, with its present headquarters located in Hefei, capital of Anhui Province, one of the four bases of science and education of China. ECEC is an EPC type and full-functional engineering company with import and export licenses,

    Comprehensive Class A engineering design certificates for Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical; petroleum and natural gas (offshore oil) (oil and gas storage); Municipal Works (water supply and drainage, urban gas, thermal, environment sanitary); building industry (building engineering); Environment Engineering (water pollution control engineering, air pollution control engineering, solid waste handling engineering), and Class A credentials for turn-key project contracting, project consultation, construction inspection and management, etc. Relying on the following advantages, ECEC is seeking every opportunity to render best services to the customers.

    Fifty years engineering experience   ECEC has completed more than 2000 projects covering synthetic ammonia, urea, methanol, glycol, SNG, DME, FMTP, FMTA, mono-ammonium phosphate, di-ammonium phosphate, compound fertilizers, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, paints & coatings, titanium dioxide, melamine,  MEK/MTBE, municipal water supply, domestic and industrial waste water treatment, city gas, heat supply & power generation, high rise building, etc. across the country and in other countries such as DPRK, Pakistan, Iran, Chile, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Iraq, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Tunisia, Republic of Congo, etc.

    Competent engineers in the prime of their life   All-round and good services come from the high level professionals with a variety of disciplines and well-structured organization. Among 1400+ ECEC employees, 90% are professionals and above 80% of whom are senior engineers or engineers. Two are State Engineering Design Masters, Several are Excellent Design Masters of the former Ministry of Chemical Industry.

    Advanced management system   ECEC obtained ISO9001 Quality System Certificate of Conformity in February 1997. In February 2000, it passed reevaluation and renewed the certificate and obtained the Quality Assurance Accreditation of RVA ISO9001 Quality System Certificate of Conformity. ECEC passed the two-stage audit of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Control System organized by SAC (Shanghai Audit Center of Quality System), obtained the Certificates issued by SAC in December 2006. The certificates are renewed every three years. Currently, ECEC has obtained three Certificates of Conformity for Quality Management System issued by CNAS, ANAB and RVA respectively in conformity with ISO9001, two Certificates of Conformity for Environment Management System issued by CNAS and ANAB in conformity with ISO14001 and one Certificate of Conformity for Occupational Health and Safety Management System issued by CNAS in conformity with ISO18001. From 1980s, we have adopted innovation in design system according to the operating system of engineering companies in western countries; we also actively probe into turnkey project contracting, one of the few engineering companies trying this mode earliest in China. Through over 30 years¨ continuous practice, we have accumulated experience in turn-key project contracting and fostered many multi-purpose talents who have the ability in managing turn-key projects. We have organized project management system with the core of earned-value concept to realize a comprehensive management in quality, schedule and cost. We imported P6 project management software from the USA and developed IPMS project management software and database. We have the ability in operating large and medium sized turn-key projects and they have become the main business of ECEC.

    Well-equipped offices    In ECEC Headquarter, the offices are well equipped with more than 1300 high performance computers and hundreds of imported laser plotters, meeting rooms are well equipped with projectors, video conference equipments and WIFI. There are also more than 30 sets of Dell and HP servers and 3D CAD workstations, distributed in two server rooms. We have imported whole set of plant design software from the USA, Belgium, etc., including Smartplant 3D, Autoplant, PDS, Aspen Plus, CAESAR BR&E ProMax, Naviswork for chemical engineering design; SCIA steel structure, PKPM, SAP2000 for architectural & structural design; TANK, SW6 for equipment design; Intools for instrument design; SP Material, P3EC for project management and many other professional softwares.. We also developed a set of business information platform for project management using the LAN as support which covers a series of processes such as project launch, design, procurement, construction, etc.

    Broad cooperation and advanced technology    We cooperate extensively and maintain close relationships with more than 80 licensors and world famous engineering companies & contractors in the countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Singapore, South Korea, Poland, etc. We stand for the firm commission to revitalize the national industry, and unceasingly develop new technology of our own. From 1980s, we have won more than 200 prizes at the state, ministerial or provincial levels for excellent engineering and plant building. We have 40+ patents and 30+ proprietary technologies.



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